[Test Faction Thread] The Risen

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[Test Faction Thread] The Risen

Post by Thovex on Thu Jan 13, 2011 4:12 pm

Welcome to the Risen official forum thread!

Faction History
We are from Europe, The Risen was a big warband in AD. 1264, things were going well but suddenly another faction that have secretly been gathering an army and drove The Risen away, The Risen had no choice but to flee to Calradia. The journey took 3 years and stretched our supplies.

Only a few of us made it to Calradia, it was a though walk, all way trough Northern Republic lands, starting at Vezin, a little village in the mountain homes... all way to Praven.

The most loyal and great troops have suffered when we fled, but thank the gods we have made out.
Now we opened recruiting of new loyal men who are prepared to help us in our wars.

Why would you join us?
We offer you the opportunity to fight with us for entertainment and professional killing, we can have trainings anytime if people request, the more people request the more trainings there will be, you can ask it any time contacting either Thovex or Razzen.

You're required to
' Wear our tag TR_ '
' Use our banner '
' Respect eachother '
' Have a Strategus character '

' Use Teamspeak 3 - TS: '
' Chill with us on Steam - www.steampowered.com '
' Chill with us on MSN '

Our banner looks like the following one
Standard banner - cRPG bannerpack banner

Joining the Risen
Post here or PM me
What is your in-game name?: ()
What is your forum name?: ()
How active are you?: ()
Do you have any fighting skills?: (Note we do trainings)
Do you have Steam? if yes insert username: (if not leave blank)

Contacting us
TS3: channel The Risen (Thanks for hosting!)
Steam Thovex: http://steamcommunity.com/id/Thovex

Come press this button here to see who's in our faction and what servers we prefer to play on.:

the Risen Memberlist
Sorted on Ranks


TR_King_Thovex - Diplomat - EU
TR_King_Razzen - Battle commander - EU
TR_King_GTX - Strategus commander - EU

TR_Duke_Narim - EU
TR_Duke_Melas_the_Champion - EU

TR_Earl_Ragnarok - NA
TR_Earl_Craton_IV_the_Lion - EU
TR_Earl_Kareemah - EU

TR_Baron_UtherPendragon - EU
TR_Baron_Dascylus - NA
TR_Baron_Babygnuen - EU
TR_Baron_GmodGuy - EU

TR_BulletTime - EU
TR_Soldier_of_God - NA
TR_Zeh_friendly archer - EU
TR_Exit - EU
TR_Akarin_Pearson - EU
TR_Archer - EU

TR_Darki - EU
TR_Raller - EU

Upcoming Duels/Tournaments

Completed Duels/Tournaments
vs TR_Thovex
WINNER: TR_Razzen (3 of 3)
TR_King_Razzen vs Fallen_Everkistus
WINNER: TR_Razzen (2 of 3)
TR_King_Razzen vs Crusader_Visus_of_Acre
WINNER: TR_Razzen (3 of 3)
4. Risen & Turks tournament.
(Second place Thovex, Third place GTX, Fourth place Razzen)

Faction Art!


Thanks for reading and consider joining us!


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